Bill Quain and Jane Bokunewicz

Point of Sale Training Course for Stockton University

Increasing your POS abilities.

In this course, HTMS students will learn to set up and use a POS system. The software for this course was donated by Kounta POS systems. This course is made possible by an ITTE Grant from Stockton University. The course authors are Bill Quain and Jane Bokunewicz. Many of the videos for this course-as well as a great deal of the technical knowledge- was delivered by Magen Davies and Amanda Inza.


SECTION 1: The Point of Sale Experience
1 Welcome - Tour N/A
2 POS Overview
3 5 Dimensions of POS N/A
4 Hardware N/A
5 Software N/A
6 Building a Back Office N/A
7 Transactions N/A
8 Reports & Analysis N/A
SECTION 2: The On Deck Restaurant
1 Tour N/A
2 What The On Deck Restaurant Looks Like On Kounta N/A
SECTION 3: All Hands On Deck!
1 Exercises N/A
2 Reports N/A
3 Case Study N/A
4 What is your project? N/A
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